A comprehensive overview of Dysthymia: Internet Mental Health

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The following link on Dysthymia – a persistent depressive disorder – is part of a larger online resource made available by Internet Mental Health. Visitors to the site will find comprehensive information on dysthymia, including a synopsis of dysthymia, information on how dysthymia is diagnosed, videos, stories and rating scales on dysthymia, information on treatment guidelines, links to self-help resources for dysthymia and information on clinical research findings on dysthymia.

The Internet Mental Health website is a “free encyclopedia of mental health information” created by Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip Long. The website provides comprehensive information on various mental health disorders, self-diagnostic information for more than 80 common psychiatric disorders, links to mental health discussion forums, detailed information on medications used to treat mental illnesses, links to behavioural science journals and information on new research on psychiatric disorders, as well as a section devoted to harmful therapies.