Alcohol-use prevention program for middle school

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Project Northland is an alcohol-use prevention program developed for students in grades 6-8 by Cheryl Perry and colleagues at the University of Minnesota in the US. There are three grade-specific curricula, each using age-appropriate tasks, exercises, and activities designed to engage and educate students about the risks of alcohol use. They include the Slick Tracy Curriculum for 6th Grade students, featuring comic books and peer mentorship, the Amazing Alternatives Curriculum for 7th Grade students focusing on changing the norms around the acceptability of alcohol use and encouraging alternatives, and the Power Lines Curriculum for 8th Grade students that empowers students to be positive influences in their communities and social groups by providing inspiration and opportunities to take on peer leadership roles, and engage in community projects. 

Research on Project Northland has documented significant reductions in weekly drinking and monthly drinking, and reduced teen marijuana and tobacco use. 

Project Northland also has a program for high school students, Class Action.