An overview of the risk and protective factors associated with teen suicide: WebMD

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This link by WebMD provides information on preventing teen suicide. Visitors to the site will find information on both risk and protective factors associated with teen suicide, a discussion of links between depression and suicide, as well as a sections discussing restricting access to suicide methods and information regarding what one should do if someone threatens suicide. The article concludes with some general information on the types of resources available to teens who are thinking about suicide. It is important to note that WebMD is based in the U.S. and that the toll-free hotline number provided is not applicable outside of the U.S.

WebMD is an award winning online resource that provides up-to-date medical information that is vetted by doctors and health experts. References are provided for each entry. WebMD has ReadSpeaker accessibility – a useful technology option for users with visual impairments which allows text on the site to be read out loud.