An overview of the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for Panic Disorder and what it is like to live with it: The National Institute of Mental Health

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National Institute of Mental Health

This link on Panic Disorder is part of a larger online resource on Health & Education provided by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The National Institute of Mental Health is a government organization located in the United States that is dedicated to the promotion, support and dissemination of scientific research that enhances our understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.

Under the “Health Topic” of Panic Disorder, visitors to the site are provided with an overview of Panic Disorder, including information on how prevalent it is and who is at greater risk for developing Panic Disorder. Sections covering causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, as well as a section on living with Panic Disorder are also included. Additional information, including links to Science News About Panic disorders, Blogs about Panic Disorders and Publications about Panic Disorders are also provided.