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Understanding Brain Injury and how to support these students: Teen Mental Health

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This link leads to a free, downloadable 27-page publication titled, “Understanding Brain Injury in Adolescence”. This informative resource provides a comprehensive overview of brain injuries, including how to prevent them, different types of brain injuries, their impact, as well as how to provide support to someone who has suffered a brain injury. Of particular interest to teachers and coaches are sections that cover working with students who have suffered brain injuries, the challenges these students may face, and suggestions for helping these students in the classroom. Also included is a pocket version of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2 (SCAT2), as well as a list of additional online resources addressing brain injuries.

The above link is part of the Teen Mental Health website. Teen Mental Health is a comprehensive website devoted to enhancing youth mental health by making available scientifically based resources and tools that have been specifically tailored to be useful for educators, health providers, parents and youth.