Understanding the causes, risk factors, and treatment options for Bipolar Disorder: Teen Mental Health

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The following link on bipolar disorder is part of a larger online resource made available by Teen Mental Health. Teen Mental Health is a comprehensive website devoted to enhancing youth mental health by making available scientifically-based resources and tools that have been specifically tailored to be useful for educators, health providers, parents and youth.

Visitors to the site will find an overview of bipolar disorder, including sections addressing the causes and risk factors for bipolar disorder, how to tell if someone has bipolar disorder, how mania in people with bipolar disorder is different than extreme happiness, whether there is a relationship between self-injury and bipolar disorder, different treatment options for bipolar disorder, as well as a discussion of other related disorders. Additionally, the site provides suggestions regarding what one can do if they think someone they know has bipolar disorder or if someone they know has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Available under Digital Storytelling are informative video clips where Michael and Stella describe their experiences with bipolar disorder. Links to additional resources available on the Teen Mental Health website, as well as links to resources available on other websites are also provided.