A One-day workshop to prevent violence, and promote resilience in youth: Point Break

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Point Break, developed by Campus Life in California, USA, is a one-day (6-hour) workshop that aims to promote resiliency and prevent violence in middle and high school students. In this workshop, students engage in interactive, energetic activities that address eight core attitudes, behaviors, and values: bullying, willingness to reach for help, gossiping, openness of expression, judging others, valuing others, developing empathy toward others, and having a positive life outlook. Through group discussions and personal reflections, youth learn and experience the importance of positive relationships, building resilience, emotional and moral competence, prosocial involvement and having a positive and clear identity.

Workshops are facilitated by “Point Break teams”, made up of adults in local community service groups, and typically include 80-120 students, in an off-site facility.