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A strength-based assessment of protective factors for preschoolers: The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment

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The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment for Preschoolers, Second Edition (DECA-P2) is a strengths-based assessment system of within-child protective factors for children aged two to five, developed by the Devereux Center for Resilient Children in the U.S. The DECA evaluates the frequency of positive behaviors exhibited by preschoolers in three areas: initiative, self-regulation, and attachment/relationships. The assessment can be used to identify children who are low on protective factors, to generate a classroom profile of the strengths of all children to aid in instructional strategies and design, or to screen for children with behavioral concerns. The DECA-P2 Kit includes record forms and a user’s guide and technical manual for administering the assessment and understanding results as well as strategy guides for parents and for teachers to help with promoting social and health. The DECA-P2 is available for purchase as a kit or as individual items and is also available in Spanish.