A useful book on implementing SEL in grades K to 12

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Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom, authored by K.W. Merrell and B.A. Gueldner, offers comprehensive yet practical information for implementing SEL in grades K to 12. Published in 2010 as part of Guilford’s Practical Intervention in Schools Series, this book provides clear, objective guidance on a variety of issues to consider when implementing SEL in schools, including chapters on how to choose the right SEL program, integrate SEL into the curriculum, adapt SEL interventions to serve diverse learning needs, assess and evaluate SEL interventions. Reproducibles (such as checklists, forms, and worksheets) are provided throughout. Peppered throughout throughout the book are vignettes and practical examples of how SEL can support the mental health, academic performance, and mental well-being, among other positive student outcomes.

Citation: Merrell, K. W., & Gueldner, B. A. (2010). Social and emotional learning in the classroom: Promoting mental health and academic success. New York: Guilford Press.