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Acknowledging educational needs of students in times of crisis and disaster: A book of essays

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Even in chaos: Education in times of emergency, written by Kevin M. D. Cahill and Miguel H. E. D’Escoto (2010), concentrates on the necessity and importance of education, even in times of conflict and disaster. The book is separated into three sections, each containing essays written by subject matter experts and individuals with personal experience on conflict and disaster. Each essay approaches this critical issue differently, approaching education and conflict from either a theoretical approach or a practical perspective, but all focus on creating policy and legislative change at the class, school, national, and global levels. The first section of the book focuses on the stories of individuals affected by war and disaster and workers on the frontline fighting for better access to education; the second section provides tools and resources on topics such as psychosocial issues in education and the power of curriculum; the third section focuses on countries and areas most affected by conflict and disaster. The book highlights the need for education to be considered a basic fundamental need in the face of adversity and conflict in the same way that access to food, shelter, and medical concerns are viewed. Although the book more broadly deals with issues surrounding the right to education for all in the face of conflict and disaster, there are many chapters that have valuable information regarding refugee and displaced students and their educational and emotional needs during and after times of crisis.