An early intervention program for young children with behavioral problems: The Fluppy Preschool Program

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The Fluppy Preschool Program was developed in Quebec, Canada (available only in French), for young children who are at risk of behavioral problems. The aim of the program is prevent violence and school dropout in the later years. Through the universal component of this program, children learn to understand and manage their emotions, and develop skills for peaceful problem solving and self-control. Teachers use puppets of Fluppy (a dog) and his 11 friends to teach cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of social competence.

There is an additional “selective” component of the program that educators can use with children identified as displaying high levels of disruptive behavior. This component involves additional support for the teacher in managing disruptive behavior, home visits and family engagement, and academic intervention.

The Fluppy prevention program was established in 1990, and has been implemented widely across Quebec since that time.