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Assessing social-emotional skills in Kindergarten through Grade 3 students: SELweb

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SELweb is a computer-administered assessment of children’s social-emotional comprehension from kindergarten through grade three developed by the Rush NeuroBehavioral Center at Rush University Medical Center. SELweb measures children’s abilities in the areas of social awareness, social meaning, social reasoning, and self-control. An optional module that assesses peer acceptance and the social network of the classroom is also available. SELweb may be used to assess student and/or classroom progress toward achieving social-emotional learning (SEL) standards, to identify students in need of additional SEL support or instruction, and/or to evaluate program effectiveness. The computer administration allows for individual or group administration in about 45 minutes and requires little administrator training. SELweb is currently partnering with school districts in the United States to establish norms and is available at no cost. Information for participating in SELweb is available on the website.