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Finding SEL programs that work – CASEL’s 2005 Safe and Sound Guide

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The 2005 Safe and Sound Guide was CASEL’s first compendium of social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, and was designed to assist educators in selecting SEL programming by providing a framework for evaluating, rating, and identifying quality evidence-based SEL programs. The 2005 Guide includes a comprehensive review of the background and theory behind SEL, a review of CASEL’s core social and emotional competencies, characteristics and guidelines of effective SEL programming and practices, and best-practice guidelines for implementing SEL programs. The 2005 Guide also highlights numerous resources and tools for educators and provides a Program Ratings Table of reviewed SEL programs based on Program Design, Sound SEL Instructional Practice, Program Effectiveness, Implementation Supports, and Safe and Sound Learning Environments. Of the programs evaluated in the 2005 Guide, 22 were identified as “Select SEL” programs that meet CASEL’s criteria for a high standard for evidence of effectiveness.

Since 2005, an updated compendium of effective SEL programs for preschool and elementary school students was created by CASEL in 2013  and an updated compendium of effective SEL programs for middle and high school youth was created in 2015.

Citation: Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. (2005). Safe and sound: An educational leader’s guide to evidence-based social and emotional learning programs-Illinois edition. Chicago, IL: Author.