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Free evidence-based tool for measuring SEL in schools

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Panorama is an organization dedicated to helping schools measure and improve school climate and culture, student’s social-emotional learning, teaching practices and community engagement. Provided for free on their website is a comprehensive, research-backed set of measures for assessing SEL in schools, divided into measures for grades 3-5, and 6-12. Included are measures for relevant student competencies and attitudes (e.g., Grit, Growth Mindset, Social Awareness etc.), learning environment (e.g., Teacher-Student Relationships, Sense of Belonging, School Safety etc.), and teacher’s skills and perspectives (e.g., Teacher Self-Reflection, Professional Learning About SEL, etc.)

These measures have been used in over 1000 schools in the US. Panorama also offers a technology platform for administering the survey and creating reports, as well as consulting services to work with school and district leaders to meet the SEL needs of their communities, and with teachers to cultivate their students’ SEL skills.