Helping youth live happier and healthier lives: Addressing health risk behaviors

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The Michigan Model for Health, distributed by the Educational Materials Center, is a comprehensive and skills-based health education curriculum designed to teach students how to succeed in school and in their personal lives by addressing health risk behaviors at various grade levels. Units include social and emotional health, nutrition, and physical activity, to name a few. The Michigan Model for Health is an appropriate curriculum for grades K-12, with instructional activities divided into elementary and secondary level categories. Each grade level comes with a Teacher Manual and Teacher Resources CD complete with lesson plans on developmentally appropriate health content.

Objectives by grade include learning to show respect and caring, healthy eating at the kindergarten level, how positive and negative friendships can impact health. Also covered are the benefits of healthy eating and daily physical activity including weight management for sixth grade, healthy ways to manage stress and healthy body image and weight in middle school, as well as standing up for oneself, and persuasion and refusal in high school. Effectiveness for the Michigan Model for Health curriculum was validated in a two-year randomized control study that demonstrated significant positive changes in students who received the program, including better social emotional skills and better self-management skills, among others.