Increasing Student Motivation by Fostering a Growth Mindset

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The Brainology and MindsetMaker programs were developed by Carol Dweck, one of the world’s leading researchers in motivation.

Brainology is a research-based curriculum that fosters a Growth Mindset in students. An online program for students in grades 5-9, it aims to increase intrinsic motivation by teaching students about their brains, and how they can change and grow their brains through the effort of practice and learning. Tools and strategies for enhancing studying skills are also included.

MindsetMaker is the accompanying suite of resources for teachers and administrators, providing them with the growth mindset knowledge and tools that support their students’ success.  This includes online training comprised of five modules that include assessments, videos, discussion protocols, tools and activities. One aim of MindsetMaker is to help teachers develop instructional practices that foster student ownership over their own learning.