Latest scientific recommendations on addressing school bullying and cyberbullying from UNESCO

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These recommendations on preventing and addressing school bullying and cyberbullying were developed in November 2020 by a Scientific Committee gathered during the International Conference on School Bullying organized by UNESCO and the French Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

The Scientific Committee was comprised of experts around the world working on the prevention of school bullying, who were asked to prepare recommendations for addressing bullying, based on the latest scientific evidence. This document is a summary of a first set of recommendations on three key issues: 1) revising the definition of school bullying towards one more able to address all forms of school bullying, 2) key components and characteristics of a comprehensive approach to bullying and cyberbullying, and 3) strategies for planning and implementing responses to cyberbullying.

The document describes a “whole-education approach”, a comprehensive and systemic approach framework for preventing and combating bullying. Within this approach are 9 key components that call for national, district and schoolwide efforts running alongside each other.