A relationship-focused youth program developed in British Columbia, Canada

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The Respectful Futures – Shaping Healthy Relationships curriculum was developed in British Columbia (BC), Canada, by Stroh Health Care in collaboration with the BC Ministry of Public Safety and the BC Ministry of Education. Designed for use with youth 12-18 years of age, Respectful Futures is a six-module resource that promotes social inclusion and a better understanding of healthy and respectful relationships. Topics addressed within the curriculum include healthy and unhealthy relationships, emotion understanding (with a focus on anger), communication and other social skills.

This program was modeled on Respectful Relationships, a corrections program used with positive results in the education of men who have been convicted of domestic abuse, and was developed with the goal of translating a corrections program for adults into a preventative program for youth.  Training materials for Respectful Futures can be downloaded for free from their website, and can be used with youth in schools or in a community setting. The modules are presented in a manner of progression that allows younger children to address relationships in a more global way, while giving older youth opportunities for a more specific and focused examination of relationships.