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A self-care program for K-12 students and educators: Pure Power

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Through mindfulness activities that promote self-awareness and self-management, Pure Power teaches students ways to manage stress, respond versus react, act with compassion, and set goals. Teachers, counselors, P.E. teachers, and/or outside providers can all be implementers of the program within the school setting, while lessons all conclude with tips that can be used at home. Eight to ten lessons in every unit includes reflective questions, tips for student engagement, a mindful movement practice, and breathing exercises to relax and refocus.  Pure Power also offers self-care strategies for educators, and professional development through districts.

In 2013, 112 grade nine to eleven students were randomly chosen to test the effectiveness of the program. Those who completed the program had higher GPAs than those who did not complete the program.

Hagins, M. & Rundle, A. (2016). Yoga improves academic performance in urban high school students compared to physical education: A randomized controlled trial. Mind, Brain, and Education, 10(2), 105â-116.