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Teaching children social problem solving using choose-your-ending books

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Children’s Problem Solving series

The “Children’s Problem Solving” series, written by Elizabeth Crary,  is designed to teach preschool and early elementary school children problem-solving skills. Each book is about a specific social problem that most children can identify with, such as the frustration of waiting for your turn, or being called names. With a choose-your-own-ending format, the young reader is prompted to consider several possible solutions, and learn about typical outcomes that follow these decisions. These books acknowledge the emotions that arise in these situations, but also encourage critical thinking and exploration of alternatives. Each book includes an introduction that suggests ways in which these books may be used by teachers or parents.

Suitable for children aged 3-8, the series includes: I Want It, I Want to Play, My Name Is Not Dummy, I’m Lost, I Can’t Wait, and Mommy, Don’t Go.