Transform Anger into Connections Through Non-violent Communication

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what's making you angry

This 2005 booklet offers the reader an approach to anger management called Non-Violent Communication™ (NVC). It outlines a process of focusing on what we really want and need, rather than getting caught up in images of others being wrong, helping the reader transform anger into compassionate connection, healthier communication, and life-saving actions.

Written for those dealing with their own anger, or working in anger management counselling or teaching positions, the ten steps outlined within explore topics such as transforming anger into a tool for action and connection, recognizing unmet needs that are the root of anger, and learning to create outcomes that are satisfying for everyone involved.

Klein, S., & Gibson, N. (2005). What’s making you angry? 10 steps to transforming anger so everyone wins. Albuquerque, NM: PuddleDancer Press.