A video-based program for developing social skills in early elementary students: The We Have Skills program

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We Have Skills is a video-based social skills program for Grades K-3, developed by IRIS Educational Media with funding from the US Department of Education. The We Have Skills curriculum consists of one set of lessons (for the whole K-3 group), and is designed to promote seven behaviorial skills: listening, following directions, doing the best you can, asking for help, following rules, managing strong feelings, and getting along with others.

The curriculum includes eight 20-minute weekly lessons, each featuring a short video with animated animals, simple songs, and examples of students demonstrating the learning, practice and enjoyment of targeted social skills. Key components of this program are the supplementary activities that accompany each lesson; each includes 3-5 opportunities for skill practice throughout the day and a review of the skill at the end of the school day. A list of activities for additional skill practice, such as games, problem-solving discussions, role-play, songs, and coloring pages are also provided, with suggestions for integration into class transitions or big and small group instruction.

The curriculum package can be purchased online, and comes with a DVD of the video episodes, a CD of the songs and posters. Teachers can access and print out activities, lessons, and certificates online. Also included are take home packets with songs, booklets and activities for parents to help reinforce lesson content at home.