Submission Criteria

Submissions to the SEL Resource Finder must meet one or more of the following criteria:

Lessons, programs, activities, materials, videos, books, curricula, etc. that are designed to enhance social-emotional development and mental well-being in children and youth as well as adults

—Resources that are:

  • —consistent with SEL theory and research
  • —developed and/or utilized by experienced teachers or other adults in youth-serving organizations
  • —designed to foster one or more of the five CASEL dimensions of SEL or related areas
  • —aimed at integrating SEL into academic areas

—Priority is given to evidence-based resources (see ASSESS section of the site), and to that end, in the brief description provided for each link, we note any available evaluation data for a given resource and whether and how particular resources have been evaluated and/or rated by established evaluation sites (e.g., CASEL’s SEL program guide, University of Colorado’s “Blueprints” site, or the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website on addressing school violence).

However, given the challenges of extensive evaluation efforts as well as the need for new strategies for integrating SEL into various academic areas, we also want resources that are created by practitioners or others who work with children and youth that can then be evaluated in terms of utility through comments and ratings on our site.

If you have any questions about submitting resources, please contact us.

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