Focusing on Friendships

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The GirlPower & GoodGuys programs, developed by Dana Kerford in Ontario Canada, aims to help children develop the skills, language and confidence to be better friends and develop healthy peer relationships. In the programs, students learn about healthy and unhealthy friendships, and how to resolve conflicts peacefully, voice their feelings and stand up for themselves.

The GirlPower & GoodGuys programs are available as skills-based workshops presented by certified facilitators. These workshops are suitable for students grades 1 to 6, and are differentiated for boys and girls (although a ‘combined’ workshop is also available). Workshops are also available for parents to attend with their children.

They have an in-school curriculum, “Friendology 101” designed for educators, which focuses on fostering the social and emotional skills that impact friendships, and on creating awareness around gender-stereotyping, and how gender-specific ways of socialization create issues unique to friendships between girls and boys.