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An overview of Stuttering as well as informative videos on how to listen to someone who stutters: The Canadian Stuttering Association

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The Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) is a not-for-profit organization that is run by volunteers dedicated to helping individuals across Canada who stutter. CSA provides access to reliable information on stuttering as well as opportunities for individuals who stutter to connect and receive support from others who stutter. Although the website’s homepage provides icons that allow visitors to browse selected topics (i.e. FAQs, Research, Intensive Clinics etc.), more comprehensive information can be obtained via the tabs across the top of the homepage, especially the Find Help tab that provides additional information specific to parents, as well as links to speech and language associations broken down by province in Canada. Of particular interest to those who would like more information on how to listen to someone who stutters, is the video titled Stuttering – A Guide for Listeners. This video features Jaan Pill, a co-founder of CSA, and can be accessed from the Articles tab.