An overview of the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for Dissociative Identity Disorder: Canadian Mental Health Association

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Canadian Mental Health Association Durham

This link on Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously referred to as multiple personality disorder) is made available by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Durham office. Visitors to the site will find an overview of Dissociative Identity Disorder, including causes and symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Also included is a brief discussion of how Dissociative Identity Disorder is treated.

CMHA is a voluntary organization devoted to promoting mental health and supporting “the resilience and recovery” of those who are living with mental illness. The CMHA has branches across Canada that provide services and support to individuals and families struggling with mental illness. Visitors to the CMHA website will find information on a variety of mental illnesses, on how to maintain mental health, and on finding help for mental illnesses. The website also provides links to resources that address how to support a loved one with a mental illness, mental health in the workplace and mental health in educational settings (both high school and college). Additionally, visitors to the site can also find information on mental health public policy in Canada.