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Curriculum Tools for Building Drug and Gambling Literacy

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Developed by the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, iMinds is a set of curriculum tools and resources designed to increase youth’s drug and gambling addiction literacy. iMinds lessons are based on a constructivist approach to teaching and learning that does NOT require teachers to be “experts” on drugs or mental health. Rather, teachers act as facilitators who explore ideas and issues along with their students. The goal of iMinds is to encourage students to both express and think critically about their current drug- and gambling-related beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Through dozens of unique and original content activities and lesson plans, students will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to survive and thrive in a world where caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, other drug use and gambling are common.

Activities are searchable by grade level and academic subject area, and are aligned with the new BC curriculum. Through a focus on promoting positive health and wellbeing, iMinds helps students develop awareness of themselves, their relationships and their environment.