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Learning about the development of Substance Use Disorder and approaches to prevention and intervention: The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

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This link leads to a 90-page PDF report entitled, Childhood and Adolescent Pathways to Substance Use Disorders, published by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA). This 2014 resource provides a comprehensive and contemporary synthesis of research on substance abuse. The report looks at the role that biological, behavioural and social factors play in the development of substance abuse problems in young people and in turn how to use this information to enhance prevention efforts. The report consists of five chapters that look at research addressing risk factors for substance abuse, developmental pathways to substance abuse (both externalizing and internalizing), developmental approaches to prevention and intervention, and concludes with a chapter titled, Call to Action, in which research-based recommendations regarding prevention and intervention, as well as future directions are discussed.

Leyton, M., & Stewart, S. (Eds.). (2014). Substance abuse in Canada: Childhood and adolescent pathways to substance use disorders. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.