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Learning about Kleine-Levin Syndrome through videos and detailed case histories: KLS Support UK

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The KLS Support website in the United Kingdom was started in 2011 by mothers whose children were suffering from Kleine-Levin syndrome. In addition to providing an overview of what Kleine-Levin Syndrome is, the website includes extensive medical information on Kleine-Levin syndrome (including links to research articles), as well as information on coping strategies for those caring for youth suffering with Kleine-Levin syndrome. Videos and detailed case histories from four youth with Kleine-Levin syndrome are provided, which help readers better understand the nature and impact of Kleine-Levin syndrome on affected youth and their families.

Although KLS Support UK predominately provides support to families in the UK, recognizing the scarcity of support available, their site indicates their willingness to help wherever possible and has even included a section listing international accounts/articles of Kleine-Levin sufferers.