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Online Lesson Plan for Increasing Mental Health Literacy and Reducing Stigma on Mental Illness

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Youth: A Speak Up Lesson Activity, developed by Speak Up @ Mindcheck, provides an introductory lesson plan for grade 10 students that is aimed at increasing mental health literacy and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. The lesson plan requires student access to computers, either during class or after class (as homework). The lesson first provides an overview of mental health and the importance of the topic in society, and creates an understanding that all individuals have mental health, as feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, or sad is normal. Next, the class is split into 4 or 5 separate groups that use the mindcheck website to pick and research a mental health issue/illness, search for signs and symptoms, complete screening quizzes, and access self-care tools and resources. Each group then presents their findings back to the class. The purpose of the lesson plan is to provide an overview of mental health and wellness, let students find online resources/support, and start talking about mental health and the stigma often associated with mental illness, in an attempt to break down some of the barriers surrounding it. The entire lesson plan and student handouts are available online, free of charge.

The goal of Mindcheck is to help youth understand mental health by recognizing and managing mental health issues. As a branch of Mindchek, Speak Up goes one step further to connect with youth via social media outlets to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness by highlighting different management strategies and having other youth speak about their own mental health struggles.