Online resource for promoting mental and emotional well-being at school

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The Well-Being BC website offers practical guides and tools for school administrators and educators towards the implementation of schoolwide supports for SEL, Mental Health Literacy and Trauma-Informed Approaches. Created in 2019 by the Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA) in British Columbia, Canada, this online resource is part of a mental health initiative to support school-based well-being.

The site provides school staff with instructional and assessment tools built around 4 pillars of school well-being and SEL: 1) schoolwide policies, 2) supportive environments, 3) teaching and learning practices and 4) family and community relationships. Resources include instructional videos and video guides, infographics and toolkits for assessment and growth, and comes with suggestions for how to use them at school, as individual self-inquiry or collectively in learning communities or staff meetings.

A variety of topics are addressed, from SEL and mindfulness to sleep, nutrition, and community service learning, to name a few.

Importantly, there is a section on home learning, with videos that parents will find useful in supporting remote learning.