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Supporting Students with Attention Difficulties

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This brief report describes the results of a research study of young adults with learning and attention difficulties. Participants answered questions about the people, experiences, and strategies they encountered during their elementary, middle and high-school years that enabled them to achieve success after graduation. Based on responses from 1,221 young adults, this research identified the important factors that helped these students manage their learning and attention challenges and overcome obstacles. Key findings from the project included the importance of social support from parents and teachers, and the benefits of self-confidence, determination, and perseverance to helping these young people achieve their goals. The report concludes with detailed recommendations for parents, educators, and program providers as to how they can support students with learning and attention difficulties throughout their educational careers. Other materials include a short video describing the project and results, as well as a useful infographic that can be shared with students as part of a lesson on mental well-being. Bonus – all materials are available to download for free!