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Tools for Supporting Child and Youth Mental Health

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The Collaborative Mental Health Care website was developed by child and youth mental health clinicians in Calgary, Hamilton and Ottawa, Canada. This comprehensive website is a practical, user-friendly resource for primary care physicians, educators, and families. The Child & Youth Mental Health Toolkits included in this website provide information about screening, assessment and treatment of child and youth mental health problems. The Toolkits are useful for increasing awareness and understanding of the origins, symptoms and identification of common mental health conditions, and provides examples of recommended treatments and strategies that parents and teachers can use to support children and youth who are experiencing mental health difficulties at home and at school. Toolkits have been created for a wide range of mental health disorders commonly affecting children and youth, including anxiety, ADHD, autism, and mood disorders, among others, as well as resources for helping children cope with separation and divorce and information about healthy child development.