A Safety Education program by The Canadian Center for Child Protection for children in Kindergarten to Grade 9: Kids in the Know

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Kids in the Know was developed by the Canadian Center for Child Protection to help children develop resilience and reduce the likelihood of being victimized both online and offline.

Grade-appropriate toolkits and lesson plans are provided for teachers to help develop students’ personal safety strategies in the classroom. Social-emotional learning is a critical part of the program, which is aimed at developing student resiliency and capacity for handling challenging situations. Topics covered include healthy relationships, safe and responsible use of technology, high-risk behaviors, online safety, reporting and seeking help. Program training is available to teachers, school counselors and parents, and supplementary materials and activities for families and communities are included in the program.

The Kids in the Know program is used in thousands of schools across Canada and is a recipient of the Curriculum Services of Canada seal of approval.

The Kids in the Know website contains many useful resources and activities for free download.