A school-wide, systems change bullying prevention program from Norway

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The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP), created by Dr Dan Olweus in 1983 in Norway, is a whole-school, systems change intervention program that aims to reduce bullying through improving peer relationships, and creating a safer and more positive school environment.

Designed for elementary, middle, and junior high schools, OBPP works at four levels- the school, the classroom, the individual, and the community. School staff and teachers are responsible for introducing and implementing the program, and adults in the community are informed and invited to partner with the school in bullying prevention efforts. OBPP is not a classroom curriculum; rather, it is a set of core principles and rules that can be integrated into existing practices within a school. Program materials include guides for teachers and administrators, and a questionnaire for assessment purposes.

Since its conception in 1983, OBPP has been implemented widely in elementary and lower secondary schools throughout Norway.  It is currently U.S.-based with Clemson University, and is implemented in more than 6,000 schools across the US.  Research has shown decreases in student reports of bullying and antisocial behavior, improvements in classroom climate, and increases in positive school attitudes and social relationships. Furthermore, OBPP is recognized as a ‘best practices’ program by the Canadian Best Practices Portal and a ‘promising’ program by the University of Colorado’s Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development.