Program Evaluation

Identifying “model” SEL programs and “promising” SEL programs: University of Colorado’s Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development

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Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development is a project hosted by the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, USA that identifies, recommends, and disseminates programs for youth. Blueprints evaluates a wide range of programs – from those that aim to prevent harmful behavior (violence, delinquency, drug use) to those that aim to promote positive behavior and healthy development (mental and physical health, self-regulation, educational achievement). However, Blueprints only promotes programs with strong scientific evidence of effectiveness, with their standards for recommending a program widely viewed as rigorous and thorough. Each program is reviewed by Blueprints staff and by an expert advisory board. Blueprints considers four criteria: evaluation quality, intervention impact, intervention specificity, and dissemination readiness. Blueprints has assessed more than 1,300 programs, yet less than 5% have qualified for Blueprints certification as a Blueprints Model or Blueprints Promising program.

The website allows users to read more about Blueprints Model and Promising program criteria, to view and compare Blueprints Model and Promising programs, and to search programs by criteria or keyword. Additionally, there are numerous links to youth surveys and additional resources.