A valuable resource site from Canada’s leading organization on bullying prevention

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The Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet), led by Dr. Debra Pepler of York University and Dr. Wendy Craig of Queen’s University, is a Canadian network that has brought together over a hundred leading Canadian research scientists and 61 national youth-serving organizations towards a mission to promote healthy relationships and stop bullying in Canada, for all Canadian children and youth.

The PREVNet website is a rich resource of up-to-date information, research and knowledge mobilization materials and tools for addressing bullying, and fostering healthy relationships. The content serves to raise awareness, and offer strategies and support around PREVNet’s three key messages: that (1) Bullying is wrong and hurtful, (2) Bullying is a relationship problem, (3) Promoting relationships and eliminating violence are everybody’s responsibility.