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Assessing protective factors in youth: The Resilience Research Synthesis Review Project

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The Resilience Research Synthesis Review Project was developed for the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Service in Canada to promote a greater understanding of protective factors in order to guide policies, programs, and practices. The Synthesis Review contains a description of resilience and review of relevant research, a discussion of the impact of protective factors for youth, parents, and professionals, and strategies for promoting resilience. Of particular interest in the Synthesis Review is Part 6: Measuring Resilience. This section outlines the conceptual issues encountered when measuring resilience and addresses difficulties with associated assessment tools. A discussion of how these issues impact professionals intending to use related measures is also included. Of particular interest is Appendix E: Compendium of Selected Resilience and Related Measures for Children and Youth. The compendium includes detailed descriptions of 38 measures that assess aspects of resilience, hardiness, life strengths, and risk/protective factors. Measures included are arranged by age group for preschool, elementary and high school-aged youth.

Citation: Reaching IN…Reaching OUT. (2010). Resilience: Successful navigation through significant threat. Report prepared for the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Toronto: The Child & Family Partnership.