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Assessing student perceptions of social-emotional, academic and health outcomes: Tell Them From Me

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OurSCHOOL|TTFM (Tell Them From Me) is an evaluation tool designed to help educators and administrators make informed choices on school improvements based on information from students themselves. The survey can be anonymously administered to youth, teachers, and/or parents and is designed to measure factors that affect student learning outcomes including social-emotional, physical health, and academic outcomes, as well as drivers of student outcomes (school, classroom, and family contexts) and demographic factors. The OurSCHOOL|TTFM surveys can be customized to individual schools, and schools using the measure are provided with results in the form of interactive charts, with how-to resources, and with helpdesk assistance. Results can also be compared to a national norm, a replica school, or against previous years. The measure is available in Canada, the United States, and Australia for a fee.