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A book to foster Peacemaking with Peers: The Kids’ Guide to Working Out Conflicts

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The kids' guide to working out conflicts

The Kids’ Guide to Working Out Conflicts is a book by Naomi Drew, M.A., a US-based expert on conflict resolution and peacemaking. The book was created for youth to learn practical non-violent methods for communicating and resolving peer conflict.

The book includes survey responses from children and adolescents to help young readers gain an understanding about different forms of conflict, why conflict emerges, and how to deal with conflict. The book includes questionnaires that youth can do to gain greater awareness about how they typically deal with or contribute to conflict, and exercises they can do to enhance their conflict resolution capabilities.

Also included in the book are effective ways for responding in a range of difficult situations such as teasing and bullying, as well as tips for reducing negative emotions like anger and stress.

Drew, N. (2004). The kids’ guide to working out conflicts: How to keep cool, stay safe, and get along. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Pub.