A picture book to inspire elementary schoolchildren to take action when they witness bullying

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say something

Say Something tells the story of a young girl who sees kids being bullied in her school, and comes to realize that ignoring and not taking part in the bullying is not enough, even if she does feel sorry for the kids who are being bullied.

The book is written from the young girl’s perspective, and children can easily resonate with her thoughts and feelings as she goes from being a silent bystander to taking action, as a result of an incident of being teased.

This short picture book is recommended for early elementary grades, and includes resources at the end to stimulate conversations with children about teasing, and what they can do about it when they see it happen.

A video and song based on this book was created by students in Hewlett Elementary School in New York, US, as part of a music song writing project in 2014 and can be watched here.