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“Bully” is a documentary film following the lives of five students who face bullying.

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Bully (2011) is a documentary directed by Lee Hirsch that follows the lives of five American youth who experience bullying. The experiences of Tyler Long, Alex Libby, Kelby Johnson, Ja’Meya Jackson, and Ty Smalley portray various forms of bullying including physical, social, verbal, and sexual. Both Tyler Long and Ty Smalley committed suicide, and the film documents the lives of both boys from the parents’ perspective, who relay the emotional impact of bullying on their family. There was some debate with producers and the Motion Pictures Academy of American regarding the appropriateness of the movie for teens due to the use of coarse language. The DVD version was released in 2013 with a PG-13 rating.

Bully has inspired a social action campaign, The Bully Project. Tools and resources for addressing and preventing bullying are available on this website for educators, students and parents.