A Canadian program for Positive Youth Development

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Lions Quest Canada- The Centre for Positive Youth Development, is a Canadian organization with a mission to provide leadership, knowledge and resources for fostering positive youth development. LionsQuest focuses on inviting the engagement of, and building the capacity of adults to support every aspect of the lives of children and youth in their communities. To this end, LionsQuest has produced and disseminated several programs, products, training and services for parents, educators, and community leaders. Based on the theory of Positive Youth Development, these resources engage a strengths-based approach to child and youth development, focusing on developmental contexts, children’s natures and developmental strengths, and on promoting healthy well-being, and reducing high risk behaviours in children.

Available are school-based program workshops for educators and staff, targeted towards helping children foster social and emotional skills for resolving conflicts, cultivating respect and responsibility, and making healthy decisions. Similar workshops are also available for the community-at-large.