Assessment Compendium

Choosing measures of social-emotional competencies related to academic achievement

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StriveTogether, a U.S.-based group whose mission is to “support the success of every child from cradle to career,” has developed a three-volume series to help educators and schools understand and choose appropriate measures of academic and social-emotional competencies. Volume I defines and discusses five core competencies related to academic achievement: academic self-efficacy, growth mindset or mastery orientation, perseverance, emotional competence, and self-regulated learning and study skills. Volume II summarizes available measures of the five core competencies and includes detailed information on each survey such as time needed for completion, who completes the survey (student, teacher, parent), reliability and validity data, and survey cost. Measures included in the summary are arranged by the five core competencies and by age group. Volume III is a compendium of the measures of the assessment tools summarized in Volume II.