Instructional Lessons

Classroom activities to teach assertive communication, social problem solving, and stress management to adolescents

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Healthy Transitions includes facilitated, interactive, classroom-based activities (five sessions) designed to improve resilience in youth by teaching them how to: 1) communicate assertively, rather than aggressively, passively, or passive-aggressively, 2) learn the interplay between thoughts, emotions, and actions, 3) cope with stress effectively and seek help when overwhelmed, 4) understand the power of negative versus positive thoughts and self-talk, and 5) solve conflicts and problems.

Healthy Transitions was piloted in numerous schools from 2004-2006 in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The program was deemed valuable and specific evaluation findings can be accessed through contacting the Child & Youth Health Network of Eastern Ontario (CYHNEO) via the program website.