Inspiring Teens to Persevere

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Published in 2001, this book is a compilation of stories and poems written by youth who speak honestly about the devastating effect of violence on their lives, with an emphasis on hope and courage in the face of adversity. These pieces offer insight into their experiences, and their ability to endure and overcome hardship. This resource serves to inspire teenagers to persevere, and to believe in the possibility for change and enable their own growth and well-being.

The written contributions from youth range from topics such as drugs and domestic violence, to intolerance and bullying. There is also a section called “and here’s what the adults say” which serves as a brief response to each of the topics from an adult perspective, and “your turn”, which involves writing exercises for the reader to explore each topic in their own lives.

Proulx, B. Z. (2001). The courage to change: A teen survival guide. Toronto, CA: Second Story Press.