A Classroom-based Mindfulness Program for Adolescents

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Learning to BREATHE (L2B) is a mindfulness-based curriculum for use in classroom or group settings with adolescents, created by founder and former director of the Stress Reduction Center (University of Pennsylvania, USA) ,Patricia Broderick.,L2B is designed to enhance attention, emotion regulation, and stress management, and foster compassion and gratitude in youth through the integration of a mindfulness practice into their lives.

The program is comprised of six themes (using the acronym BREATHE) that can be delivered in 6, 12, 18 or more sessions. Each session includes discussion, activities, and opportunity to practice mindfulness in a group setting. The curriculum is available for online purchase, and includes lesson plans, sample teacher narratives, and mindfulness practice scripts, student workbooks, and audio practices that can be downloaded.

L2B has been recognized in the 2015 CASEL Guide as meeting criteria for effective SEL programs.