A Canadian SEL and Mindfulness program for Adolescents: The Mindfulness Ambassador Council (MAC)

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The Mindfulness Ambassador Council (MAC) program, developed by Mindfulness without Borders (Canada), is designed to help adolescents face life’s challenges through the cultivation of important personal skills and resources, such as self-awareness and reflection, attention, healthy social and emotional behavior, and civic responsibility.

The MAC program integrates mindfulness practices with SEL, and is available in two packages. The MAC Global for mainstream students is made up of 12 lessons (each based on a core competency) addressing emotion regulation, critical thinking and compassionate action.

For students with alternative learning styles, the MAC Interactive  is made up of 8 (shorter) lessons and incorporates videos and interactive activities to help optimize learning while strengthening attention and goal-setting skills. Some topics addressed include dealing with strong emotions, thoughtful speaking and listening skills, and self-acceptance.