Don’t Laugh at Me: A free program for building caring, respectful environments

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The Don’t Laugh At Me (DLAM) programs, created and distributed by Operation Respect, help build caring school and classroom climates through providing tools for reducing bullying, peer ridicule and other antisocial behaviors, and enhancing compassion, cooperation, and resolving conflicts peacefully. The DLAM program, which incorporates music and arts into its SEL curriculum, is based on the conflict resolution curricula developed by the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP).

The DLAM curriculum revolves around four key themes: Expressing Feelings, Building Community, Resolving Conflicts Creatively, and Celebrating Diversity. There are three DLAM programs- one for grades 2-5, another for grades 6-8 and a third for summer camps and after-school programs. All are provided free of charge, and can be ordered on the website. Program materials include a CD with songs, a video and a Teacher’s Guide with activities for building a respectful, cooperative classroom environment.