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Empowering teen leaders in bully prevention

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bully busters

This book, published in 2012, outlines the Bully Busters Program for High School, a schoolwide program that focuses on empowering older students who serve as peer mentors. These students are selected and undergo intensive training to lead small group sessions for younger students on bullying-related issues such as relational aggression, cyberbullying, dating issues, communication challenges, acceptance, etc. Beyond disseminating information, the program aims to help develop a greater sense of connectedness among students, and between students and school, and encouraging a greater acceptance of diversity.

The book is divided into three sections; the first is an introduction to the program principles and content, the second provides guidance on peer leader selection and provides the training curriculum, in 12 modules for these peer leaders, and the final section is a manual, complete with the content and activities of the sessions that the peer leaders will conduct.

Horne, A. M., Nitza, A., Dobias, B. F., Jolliff, D. L., Raczynski, K. A., & Voors, W. (2012). Empowering teen peers to prevent bullying: The Bully Busters Program for High School (Peer leader guide and CD). Champaign, IL: Research Press